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About Debrah

Life is a drip feed of things that have to power to transform you – like a butterfly from a chrysalis; it just depends whether you open your wings to take flight or not.
Often the most dramatic and life changing situations start from what seemed like an insignificant event; the flutter of a butterfly’s wing, the chance comment, the unwanted opportunity, the unexpected situation that transforms your view of the world – and therefore also  transforms everyone you interact with too. My life has had many moments of transformation, good and bad, and they have each given me inspiration of varying kinds. The theorists call it chaos, the mystics call it fate, I call it life and that’s what I write about: how the moment of transformation arrives and what happens in the life beyond it.
And that’s what i’m here to help you with – writing … Whether that’s your first short story, your own life story, a fictional story you’ve been wanting to write or even a non-fiction book to celebrate your expertise in a particular area. I’ve experience in writing them all. I’ve been teaching writing and publishing courses for several years now, and gradually that has evolved into specific ways I can help you with your writing project.
  • I can teach you the techniques and skills of writing (and self-publishing),
  • I can mentor you on a 1:1 basis via a Skype teaching session.
  • I can edit your writing project and suggest ways to improve and polish it.
  • I can help you write your book – fiction or fact,
  • Or I can even write your book for you. 
  • And finally I can publish your book for you without it costing a fortune or you losing any of your rights or control over it.
You’ll find all the various services I offer based on these options detailed on the following pages, but of you’re in any doubt at all, juts get in touch via the Contact Me age and book in an individual consultation – free of charge – to decide how I can help you best. 


‘We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.’

– Maya Angelou

Together let’s turn your writing dream into fact and set your butterfly free…