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Writing a book isn’t just for fun or to record a life story. It can have a useful business tool too.

Had you thought about positioning yourself as a go-to expert by writing a book about what you do?
Or using an online book to showcase your business itself?
Or if your business is that of a coach or mentor or ‘guru’, then a free book which you offer to prospective clients in exchange for their contact details provides the opportunity to see how your services might be offered to them in other ways. It opens the door to more…  

Position yourself as a go-to expert with your own book…


You have a lifetime of knowledge to share, why not share it?

Ok, so you’re not a writer by trade, but I am, and I can translate your knowledge into words that showcase you and your expertise.
I do this by ‘interviewing’ you to establish what to cover in your book and then, with some additional research on my part and information provision on yours, I write your your go-to-expert book. 
Have a look at the example aside, which is an extract from a lengthy work I recently drafted for an architect professional. 

What’s included?

– from 5 chapters up to 15 chapters  – that means a book between 50 and 190 pages, including images/diagrams as required.
– Your book can be uploaded onto Amazon, ready for you to print for yourself or make available for your customers to buy *. 
– Or converted into a digital flip book to share on your website, like the example aside.
– And once completed, you have a product to use for promotion and advertising as well as the regular creation of royalty income. You can’t lose! 

* If your book is going to print there will be additional publishing costs – see my publishing packages. 

Example Writing Facts and Costs - Business Book:

Your book can be as long as you like - the cost is simply upscaled to cover the range and size of the work you want to do - but this is an example of the writing facts and costs for a 5 chapter book of 60 pages long, which you write with my help, costing £2500.


5 chapter/3000 words per chapter is 60+ pages long.


It will cost £2500 to be written FOR you. 

Time to write?

It will take roughly 10 weeks to write together.

More chapters?

Additional chapters will take about an extra week to write and cost £250 each over and above the 15 chapter package I offer.

You may not want to write a book about your specialism, but the story of your business is also a marketing tool. Demonstrate how far you’ve come and what you do now by showcasing your business and yourself…

Tell the story of your business..


Show your customers what you stand for and how far you’ve come; inspire confidence for them to do business with you.

Your business is an exceptional achievement – whether you’ve built it yourself from scratch, inherited as a family business or taken it over from a previous owner. It’s a testament to your drive, vision, hard work and specialist skills. So showcase that to your potential customers. Let them see how you’ve created this business and what it means in terms if principles, business acumen and staying power. 
Of course you haven’t the time to write a book about your business yourself – you’re busy running it – but I have. I will ‘interview’ you to establish the facts, and agree an overall plan with you. Then I will write the story of your business so that it becomes an integral part of your marketing plan. Prices start at only £350 for a 15+ page book, but it can be any size, based on what YOU want to feature. 
Have a look at the example aside, which is how I might write Apple’s story… and get in touch to see what I could write about your business…

And here are examples of how you could showcase your services or skills and/or your products.


Think of the impact of having your business’s history and landmark achievements immediately visible on the home page of your website, proving how how unbeatable and enduring your business is.

Imagine how useful it would be to have a ready-made catalogue of your products or services available to a casual website visitor, displayed in an engaging and eye-catching form so instead of bouncing straight off the page and onto the next search, they’re tempted to linger, become intrigued  buy…


Decide what kind of book you want to write.

Consider whether you have sufficient time and expertise as a writer to write your book yourself. If no, I'm here to help!

Look at the sample ghostwriting contact.

All ghost writing packages are subject to a binding contract between author and ghost writer, ensuring complete discretion, and all of the content and royalty rights remain yours.

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