Write your Amazing Life Story

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Have you always wanted to tell your story, or that of someone special to you?

Maybe it’s your family history, or about a special time in your life? 

We all live such amazing lives, yet rarely pass them on to our children and grandchildren – perhaps because we don’t think we could actually write a whole book or simply don’t know where to even start.

Well, here’s how…

This course will take you through writing a life story – whether it’s an autobiography or a biography – from the first idea through to the final draft, step by step.

About the Instructor:

Debrah Martin has been writing and self-publishing for over 10 years. She has 13 books in print or about to be released by the end of 2020, across a variety of genres and including two instructional books on creative writing and publishing and oil painting. With a number of bestsellers, and two writing awards, she also mentors, edits and ghostwrites anything from fiction of any kind all the way through to academic research papers.

About the course:

Writing a life story is actually quite like writing a novel except you already know the facts; you don’t have to make them up – but that in itself can cause problems.

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you remember everything that’s important?
  • Where do you finish?
  • How much should you tell?
  • How do you tell it?
  • What writing style do you adopt?
  • How do you make real life as dramatic and intriguing as one of those bestsellers we read on holiday?

Well, this course answers all those questions and more, guiding you through the tips and techniques of writing, as well as remembering. Once you know the basics of how to write a book, you’ll find your life story will simply take off and almost write itself – so… let’s get started!