Your Real Life Story

Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?

Whether it's your or own autobiography, a family biography, an individual's biography, let's keep your life story alive ..

Don’t let your life history become just photographs and forgotten stories. I can translate your memories into words and pictures so you can make – and treasure – more memories with your family. I do this by ‘interviewing’ you to establish what you want to include in your autobiography and then write your complete autobiography or family biography to date, together with your photographs, ready for you to publish and share with your family and friends.
With the cost starting from as little as £175, make your memories immortal.
What’s included?
– From 15 pages to 35pages, including images.
–  Between 20 and 40 of your photographs (more if you wish). 
–  Your family tree diagram if you’ve researched your family tree.
– Custom designed front cover based on your images.
– Fully edited ready to go format to print for yourself or to make available for your family and friends to buy. 
– Converted into a digital flip book to share with your family, like the example below. 
– From only £175 for a 16-20 page book (size will depend on image content).
… And this could be your family history, your own life history, or even your business’s story… 1
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Have a look at this example extract from my own family biography to see how your own family story could look.

This is only a small sample of how your treasured memories could look – a small snippet of my family history. Your own book would be 4, 6 or 8 times as big, depending on how much content and how many photographs you want included. Have you had your family tree drawn up? Maybe you’ve researched your ancestry, like I have to find my past? Your family story could include your family tree too – like mine does.

Imagine compiling all your favourite family photos, memories and anecdotes into a book to share – and add to over time. A living history of you and your family… 




And by the way – your family history book could also be a history of your family business. What a fascinating introduction for your customers on your business website’s home page…This is a byte of Apple’s story (although there’s much more I could have added…).



Why write a life, family, or even a business history?

There are many reasons why you should think about recording your family or life history. Once upon a time we used to pass epic histories down by word of mouth, but as we spend less time together in our busy lives, stories from generation to generation are gradually lost and old photos become simply old photos. As generations pass on to newer generations, sadly we even forget who some of the people once were in our families. Here (aside) are some of the reasons why you might want to turn your dry family history facts and old family photos into a living story that keeps people, places and memories alive forever...

Who are you and where do you come from?

With tracing family trees growing in popularity, had you thought of turning your dry facts and iconic photos into a story of your family that really comes alive - for you and for your children, and their children, and their children too?

New generations in the family?

Once upon a time we spent so much more time with our families, grandparents with grandchildren, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins... Sadly, our busy modern lives often make that impossible especially with families sometimes extending across the world. Keep those connections alive in a family history book.

Special event of family landmark coming up?

Golden wedding anniversaries, special birthdays, weddings, births or maybe just a special Christmas present for someone you love... Take your photographs and memories and turn them into a life story to celebrate life, family, and the future - forever...